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Horse Trails

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 Discover the Thrill of Horse Riding in the Mountains
Imagine a serene morning in the mountains, the sun just peeking over the peaks, casting a golden hue across the landscape. Now picture yourself on horseback, meandering through winding trails, the rhythmic clop of hooves the only sound breaking the tranquil silence. Horse riding in the mountains offers a unique blend of adventure, connection with nature, and a sense of freedom that is hard to find elsewhere.

The Allure of Mountain Trails
Horseback riding in the mountains is more than just a recreational activity; it’s an immersive experience. The mountainous terrain, with its varied landscapes, provides an ever-changing backdrop for your journey. The elevation changes and diverse environments challenge both rider and horse, making every ride a new adventure.

Connecting with Your Horse
Riding in the mountains fosters a deep bond between rider and horse. The trust required to navigate steep paths and uneven ground strengthens the partnership. You’ll learn to read your horse’s cues and responses, developing a mutual understanding that enhances the ride. This connection is not just practical but also emotional, as you rely on each other to explore the rugged beauty of the mountains safely.

Health Benefits
Beyond the scenic beauty and connection with your horse, mountain riding offers numerous health benefits. It’s an excellent form of exercise, engaging your core, legs, and upper body. The varied terrain requires constant adjustment, improving balance and coordination. Additionally, the mental benefits of spending time in nature and the meditative rhythm of the ride can reduce stress and enhance overall well-being.

Prices (without Costa Card discount)
Horse Riding in the Country 1 Hour €40,-
Horse Riding in the Country 2 hours €75,-
Horse lesson in the Arena Spanish Horse 1 Hour €70,-

For a group of 4 or more we have a special guide from Holland. Speaks Dutch, English and basic Spanish. If you want to make an appointment you can contact her through Whatsapp: 0031 648 785 391.
It is also possible to contact her on Instagram: @xs_amanthaa

Great location
The stables with restaurant established in 1960 is located near the cost. It has a scenic view across the Mediterranean sea. There is a big teras where you can have a refreshment or a full course. Sounds good? You can also make a reservation for dinner and get a bottle of house wine for free* (*with the Costa Card).


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€5,- discount


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