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Buggy tours

*1h tour: €10,- discount
  2h tour: €15,- discount
  3h tour: €20,- discount

This excursion takes you through rough mountain terrain in your own, road legal self-drive, two-seater buggy, led by a professional guide.

As we drive along old Mijas trade routes and cattle tracks to discover the stunning beauty of southern Spain, we will make a few stops so your guide can explain the beautiful fauna and flora of the area.

It’s an incredible and exciting way to explore this part of the country in ways that you would never dream of, driving through bumpy riverbeds, shallow rivers, and past beautiful woodlands. A nature trip and safari all rolled into one.

Important information
It is mandatory to arrive 20 minutes before the activity starts.
If you are a driver: It is mandatory to bring your valid car driver's license.
If you are a passenger: It is mandatory to bring your identification document.
In Spain, by law, it is mandatory to be at least 18 years old to drive.
Children: It is mandatory to provide identification for minors.
Children: It is mandatory for them to be over 7 years old and have a minimum height of 1.20 meters.
We recommend wearing comfortable outdoor attire.
We recommend wearing closed-toe shoes.
We recommend wearing sunscreen.
We recommend wearing sunglasses.

Information about the deal: The Costa Card user will receive a discount on location.

To make a reservation please send an email or call the activity provider via the Contact information overview below.

 For most recent opening hours and prices always check the official website of the activity provider.

Costa Card deal

€20,-* discount


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