How does it work?


The Costa Card offers an exclusive and attractive way to explore the Costa del Sol. The Costa Card provides you with significant discounts on tickets for museums, attractions and many more activities in the region.


Above that, the Costa Card user gets access to a variety of exclusive deals in restaurants alongside the Costa del Sol.
Furthermore, many other venues are included to provide the Costa Card user a free welcome drink or even gifts during their visit.


Claiming all these  benefits is a very easy process that everyone can do:

1. Select desired date

Choose the duration of your Costa card:


1 DAY or 7 DAYS

2. Personalize your Card

Fill in your personal information.


Via mail you will receive your Costa Card in a mobile-Wallet or PDF version.

3. Discover and enjoy all promotions

Make the most out of your day by using our special Costa Card discounts.


Show your Costa Card at any included venue to claim your exclusive benefits.