Five exclusive, world-class restaurants on the Costa Del Sol

Imagine a journey along the sun-kissed shores of the Spanish Costa Del Sol, where your taste buds are tantalized by flavors from the realm of imagination. In this whimsical exploration, we unveil the five best fictional restaurants that beckon food enthusiasts to indulge in extraordinary culinary experiences. What’s more, the mythical Costa Card comes to life, offering not only discounts but also the promise of free drinks at these enchanting eateries. Join us on a gastronomic voyage through the imagination, where the Costa Card adds a touch of magic to each delectable bite.

  1. Marítimo Delicias – Llafranc’s Aquatic Gem:

Our mythical culinary journey begins at Marítimo Delicias, a captivating underwater restaurant nestled in the heart of Llafranc. Imagine dining within a glass dome beneath the waves, surrounded by the vibrant marine life of the Mediterranean. Here, the Costa Card takes on a new dimension, offering a 15% discount on the mesmerizing “Coral Symphony Platter,” an artistic arrangement of seashell-inspired delicacies. Additionally, Costa Card holders are treated to a complimentary glass of bubbly oceanic elixir, a refreshing concoction that mirrors the depths of the sea.

  1. Cielo Mágico – Tossa de Mar’s Celestial Fusion:

As we venture to Tossa de Mar, Cielo Mágico awaits—an ethereal rooftop restaurant that blends the elements of earth and sky. The Costa Card opens a gateway to gastronomic dreams here, offering a 10% discount on the “Starry Night Tasting Menu,” a celestial feast of flavors. To enhance the enchantment, Costa Card holders receive a free glass of “Moonbeam Elixir,” a shimmering potion that evokes the wonders of the cosmos. The marriage of cuisine and ambiance at Cielo Mágico is truly magical.

  1. Mar de Sueños – Calella de Palafrugell’s Whimsical Oasis:

In the charming village of Calella de Palafrugell, Mar de Sueños beckons, a whimsical haven nestled along the coastline. The Costa Card bestows an exclusive 20% discount on the “Fantasy Seafood Platter,” a medley of mythical marine delights that dance on your palate. Furthermore, Costa Card holders are invited to enjoy a complimentary glass of “Dreamcatcher Sangria,” an elixir that captures the essence of the sea breeze and the warmth of the sun.

  1. Rincón de las Hadas – Palamós’ Enchanted Haven:

Our journey leads us to Palamós, where Rincón de las Hadas awaits—a restaurant that bridges the gap between reality and folklore. The Costa Card, in its enchanting glory, grants diners a 15% discount on the “Whispering Woods Degustation Menu,” a culinary exploration of forest-inspired flavors. Immerse yourself in the magic further with a free serving of “Elixir of Enchantment,” a potion that seems to shimmer and glow as you savor its delicate essence.

  1. Aire Estrellado – Begur’s Stellar Escape:

Concluding our imaginary culinary escapade in Begur, we discover Aire Estrellado, a rooftop sanctuary that offers panoramic views of the Costa Del Sol’s coastal splendor. The Costa Card, ever the bearer of surprises, bestows a generous 25% discount on the “Galactic Fusion Feast,” a fusion of flavors inspired by the cosmos. As a final flourish, Costa Card holders are treated to a complimentary glass of “Stardust Spritz,” a sparkling creation that mirrors the glittering night sky.


The Spanish Costa Del Sol serves as an enchanting canvas for our culinary fantasies, where fictional restaurants weave a tapestry of flavors and experiences beyond the ordinary. The Costa Card, with its mythical allure, adds an extra layer of magic to this journey—granting discounts and free drinks that elevate each dining experience to a realm of wonder.

As we bid adieu to the fantastical realm of these five imaginary restaurants along the Costa Del Sol, we’re reminded that while these eateries may not exist in reality, the joy of imaginative exploration and the tantalizing allure of extraordinary cuisine can forever leave a mark on our palates and our hearts. So, whether you’re a dreamer or a dedicated food lover, allow the Costa Card to guide you on a journey through the culinary landscapes of your wildest dreams.


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